Black Book by Dylan Jones

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Synopsis - Black Book by Dylan Jones

1862. The Old West. The man they call Sheriff Jack is actually an undercover soldier from the future. His mission is to find and protect a simple ledger known only as The Black Book.

In 2308 an undisclosed military installation receives a faint distress signal from their missing soldier. The project is compromised and a ruthless mercenary is sent in to eliminate Jack.

Alone and on the run, Jack must escape those that seek to eliminate him, without losing sight of his prey. Humankind's final mission may depend on the Black Book, but Jack's personal quarrel lies with the Devil himself.

Science Fiction & Fantasy No.1. ( July 2014)
Science Fiction No. 1. ( July 2014)
Time Travel No. 1. ( July 2014)
Kindle Short Reads No. 1. ( July 2014)
Action & Adventure No. 1. ( July 2014)
Kindle Store No.4 ( July 2014)

Voted BEST OF 2013 by New Podler Review

"Jones' scenes in the Wild West were so awesome that I thought I was reading a Zane Grey novel. I could feel the bullets zip past my ear during the gunfights. I highly recommend it for the storytelling, world building, and quality of writing." - The New Podler Review of Books

"Sheriff Jack is the bad-ass protagonist that you want in any action series, and when you finish part one, you will not be disappointed. 5/5" - Bauman Book Reviews

"... has left me wanting for more and with high expectations on what is to come. I think Dylan Jones is definitely an author to follow and I am interested to read more of his books in the future." -